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Breakfast Menu

*20 people minimum

Service Options:

  • Dish to the table

  • Buffet style with or without a waiter


Breakfast structure includes:


  • Seasonal fruit

  • Orange juice

  • Yogurt

  • Cottage cheese

  • Granola and/or honey

  • 2 o 3 main casseroles

  • Refried black or pinto beans / grilled potatoes with parsley

  • Baguette o mini bolillo

  • Mini conchitas



  • Chilaquiles verdes

  • Chilaquiles rojos

  • Huevos al albanil

  • Huevos a la Mexicana

  • Huevos a la mantequilla

  • Huevos con nopales

  • Quiche de rajas poblanas

  • Budin azteca de vegetales

  • Budin azteca de pollo


Breakfast Service includes:

  • Catering service coordinator (depending on the number of guests)

  • Service team; chafers, trays, plates, bowls, tongs, spoons.


  • Tablecloths for the table service, plates, forks, napkins (only if requested by the customer)

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